Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday Update

I've been more than a little frustrated this month. A number of events have led to my being behind on a number of my shows, including Mad Men and Glee, and a semi-work event on Thursday night led to my missing the Thursday night shows completely. Thank goodness for DVR.

And what a night of riches for a television watcher Thursday presents. I had on tap Bones, Fringe, Community, and Project Runway, all waiting for me this weekend. Next Thursday, FlashForward will be thrown into this mix.


As many of you know, I was not as disappointed by the Bones season finale as most everyone I read was. I thought it was a nice little fantasy, and I didn't feel cheated that Brennan and Booth didn't really have sex. In the season premiere, we learn that Brennan read Booth her now-deleted book which confused Booth when he finally woke up from his coma. He thought they really were married and about to become parents together (sadly, we did not get to see that discussion!).

Six weeks have passed, and Brennan is back from Guatemala or some such place and Booth has just been cleared to return to duty. Although there was a mystery to be solved, the mystery was just a vehicle to get Cyndi Lauper's psychic to talk about what's going on between Booth and Brennan. Cam and Dr. Sweets both figure out that Booth believes himself to be in love with Brennan, and both warn him to be careful with her. However, Sweets is concerned that Booth's feelings for Brennan might be more related to his recovery from brain surgery than a real feeling, a belief that Booth doesn't dismiss after being amused rather than homicidal by a clown's antics. So, instead of admitting his romantic love, his admits his brotherly love for her. Which she reciprocates.

I enjoyed the episode, and I appreciated the fact that Cam and Sweets were both very protective of Brennan. But I was somewhat annoyed by Sweets. Hadn't he already figured out that Booth is attracted to Brennan? What am I missing?


Along with The Dollhouse, Fringe was my most anticipated returning show. And this episode was not disappointing. Yes, I was annoyed that Nimoy's William Bell was no where to be seen, but I know better than to expect the producers to have him show up in the premiere episode. I guess I'll just have to get over it.

This episode seemed to focus more on Peter than usual, which is just fine by me. Of all people, it is Peter who saves the Fringe division, at threat from a budget panel who wants to see results. But we also watched Peter as he realized how much he cared for Olivia when everyone believed she was dying. Yes, Olivia's crazy sister told Peter that Olivia "likes" him (what did that mean, anyway?), but that wasn't explored much in the episode, thank goodness. We also watched Peter with his father, Walter, who is determined to prepare custard for Peter's birthday, even though Peter doesn't like it. Well, Peter, there was once a version of you that did like it. I don't think it will be pretty when you learn that part of your history.

The "mystery" of the week focuses on a shapeshifter who crashed into Olivia to prevent her meeting William Bell. Because he was not successful, he was ordered to determine what information Bell gave her and then kill her. Needless to say, the shapeshifter, a soldier in some kind of army, fails in his objective, but manages to take over the body of Olivia's partner, Charlie Francis. Francis is dead, but no one else knows but us. RIP Francis.

Project Runway

We still don't have Nina Garcia or Michael Kors judging, but the episode was fine. The designers are all beginning to become a little catty, especially Irina and Nicolas. The challenge this week was to create an outfit inspired by and made of newspaper, with a few tools to help with the support of the outfit. One of the designers, Johnny, created an origami dress which Tim panned. After trashing the dress (literally), Johnny told his model and the judges that his dress was actually ruined by an iron spitting too much steam. To their credit, the judges didn't believe him and he was auf'd. Bye bye Johnny. We won't miss you.


First, I must say that any show that includes John Oliver from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart already has many plus signs in front of it. Beyond his presence, I found the show quirky, farcical and interesting, and I will be giving it a second look.

What did you think? Did you catch up on Grey's Anatomy?

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