Monday, September 21, 2009

The Emmy Awards

I had hoped to have a pre-Emmy post with my comments on the nominees, who I thought would win and who should win. But I guess I missed my chance. Instead, I'll report on who won, what I liked, and what ticked me off - or just plain bored me.

But before I talk about the winners, I think I must say how impressed I was by Neil Patrick Harris as host? Award shows are old-fashioned events, and Harris was an old-fashioned host, singing and dancing and cracking jokes. But he also felt up-to-date, with modern humor and sensibilities. He made fun of how long the show usually is, and made a joke of his own loss for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. And the show only ran 5 minutes late. I also liked how the awards were divided into their categories - comedy, reality, variety, and drama. The only sour note was The Family Guy "skit" in which a baby beat a dog. That produced more cringes than laughter from me.

And a caveat - I didn't keep track of everything, especially the parts of the show and awards that relate to reality shows. I only paid attention to parts of the variety awards that are noted below. And I suspect that I have the names of the awards slightly wrong. Oh well.

First, the comedy awards. As you know, I rarely watch comedies, with 30 Rock and now Community as exceptions. And sadly, I'm behind on my 30 Rock - we've quite a few on our DVR. Of course, some shows are labeled comedies that I don't think of as comedies, such as Pushing Daisies, which was sadly cancelled last year. I was also surprised that actresses from Saturday Night Live were nominated under comedy instead of variety show.

The first award of the night was fabulous! The award was for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Kristin Chenowith, Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies, won over the SNL comedians and Vanessa Williams. Olive Snook was the one character that really broke out from a cast of quirky characters. Olive could easily have become a one-note character, but in Chenowith's capable hands, she was a delight. I could never take my eyes off her.

The award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series was a joke, and not the funny kind. Kevin Dillon of Entourage, Harris from How I Met Your Mother, Rainn Wilson from The Office, and Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan, both of 30 Rock, all lost to Jon Cryer of that comedy classic, Two and a Half Men. It is not that I don't appreciate Cryer's talents - I think that they are manifold. It's just that, first of all, he's a Lead Actor, not a Supporting Actor, and that Two and a Half Men suck.

Toni Collette won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her series on HBO (I can't believe I can't remember the name of it!), upsetting the expected favorite, Tina Fey of 30 Rock. Fey's co-lead, Alec Baldwin, won in his category - a well-deserved win if you ask me.
Baldwin makes the show with his zany performance of an ambitious executive.

No surprise that 30 Rock won for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The only reason I pay attention to the variety awards is to see if The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and/or The Colbert Report win. This year, it was The Daily Show's time to win - again, for writing and series. Go Stewart!

The drama awards started with the best victory of the night for me - Michael Emerson won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role as Benjamin Linus in Lost! As you all may know, I love Lost, and the character of Benjamin Linus is one of the best crafted and acted in a well-acted show. Another deserving win.

Cherry Jones won the corresponding Supporting Actress for her performance in 24, and a director of ER won for Outstanding Direction.

The remaining award-winners were fairly predictable. Mad Men won for Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Drama Series, Glenn Close won for Outstanding Lead Actress for her work in Damages, and Bryan Cranston repeated his win last year for Outstanding Lead Actor for Breaking Bad.

So, now the Emmys are over, and we can all go back to living our lives. In the meantime, what did y'all think?

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