Friday, September 4, 2009

New Shows I'm Looking Forward To

Every year, I eagerly look forward to the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide. And I got my greedy little hands on this year's today. It's already read and processed. What surprises me is that I only have two new shows I definitely plan on watching. They are:

V - starting Tuesday, November 3 on ABC. I'll definitely have to give this show a try. Let's just start with the cast: Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost), Scott Wolf (Bailey on Party of Five), Morena Baccarin (Inara on Firefly and Serenity), and Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin on The 4400). Then, of course, the premise - aliens fly in, promising to solve all the problems of the world. You just know there has to be more to them than that. Let's add that this is a remake from a classic mini-series that was turned into a cheesy series in the 1980s. Of course I'm going to be watching.

Flashforward - starting Thursday, September 24 on ABC. This show is my must-see for the new season. A normal day in LA is interrupted by a "freakish surge" that causes all of humanity to black out for over 2 minutes. Many die and cities are destroyed. Those who survive have visions of their lives six months in the future. The first season focuses on the struggle to survive and figure out what happened. And let's not forget the cast: Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger (Penny on Lost), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie on Lost), Jon Cho (Harold and Sulu in the movies), and Courtney B. Vance (ADA Ron Carver on Law and Order: Criminal Intent).

But I also have a few shows I'll give a try. They are:

The Good Wife - starts Tuesday, September 22 on CBS. How many times have we seen the long-suffering wife standing next her public-official/high profile husband as he apologizes to the world for his sexual indiscretions? Here we'll get to see what happens behind the cameras. The premise alone isn't enough to interest me; let's be honest, if Juliana Margulies wasn't starring as the main character, I wouldn't be tuning in. She was the best part of ER, and that's enough to get my attention.

Glee - starts Wednesday, September 9 on FOX. There is nothing on paper that really interests me about this show, but too many critics I respect have raved about this show. That alone means I'll be giving it a try.

Community - starts Thursday, September 17, on NBC. I am rarely interested in comedies. The only one even on my current schedule is 30 Rock. But Community stars Chevy Chase, and it's gotten some good reviews. Why not give it a try?

So that's five I'll be checking out. I'll be curious to hear what shows y'all will be trying out?


  1. I'm not sure that Chevy Chase and comedy should be used in the same sentence in reference to anything produced in the last thirty years.

  2. Well, you've got a good point there. If it weren't for the reviews, I would not be even remotely interested.

  3. I'm definitely looking forward to Flashforward and The Good Wife. I'm also looking forward to the seconded season of The Mentalist.

  4. Renae, I absolutely adore Simon Baker - and how great that he got nominated for an Emmy?