Friday, September 11, 2009

Project Runway

I have to watch Project Runway when B isn't home, because the designers always annoy him. I missed the show for the past year while Bravo was suing Lifetime. I don't really know how that worked out, but Project Runway is now on Lifetime.

There have been few changes in the program due to the switch in networks. Tim Gunn still encourages the designers to "Make it work!" Heidi Klum still kisses the losers as she tells them "auf Wiedersehen". The designers are still neurotic drama queeens. And sometimes, the winning outfit makes me say, "Hunh?"

But there are two changes this season that are probably connected. The first change is the location; the show is now situated in Los Angeles instead of New York. This change doesn't mean much to me, since the designers are usually in the design room trying to create their outfits. It's no more sunny in the LA design room than it is in the NY one. However, Michael Kors has been absent as a judge for the past three weeks. Nina Garcia was absent this week. Frankly, I enjoy the judging of Klum, Kors, Garcia, and the judge-of-the-week. They have chemistry. One of the judge's in this week's episode insulted one of the models! Not cool.

Was LA too far away for the New York City-based Kors and Garcia? I don't know, but I do hope that Kors and Garcia are in future episodes. Their absence is greatly missed.

After Project Runway runs a show that can only be called a guilty pleasure: Models of the Runway. As everyone knows. the models are in competition as well, and whoever models for the winning designer gets a magazine spread. We get to watch the models' reactions as designers are eliminated as well as their own elimination. We also see their interactions with each other and the designers. Catfights will occur, that I can assure you. I read somewhere that Models of the Runway is a little hard to watch, because the models pretty much have no control over their fate on this show. And that's true. The designers were switching their choices of models for a while, but as the weeks progress, they are likely to stick with the same model from here on out. Designers design, the models strut. The eliminations are based on designs, not strutting. Either way, I'm pretty sure that I lose millions of brain cells every time I watch.

PS. I have to be careful when searching the web about Project Runway. This season was taped a year ago or so. The winner has already been declared. I don't want to know!

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