Friday, November 6, 2009

Bones - The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

I didn't plan to spend a lot of time recapping episodes, primarily because I have a day job, but also because there are plenty of websites where you can find recaps. But I feel free to take the opportunity after an episode that I find meaningful, disturbing, or annoying to make note of my thoughts.

Unfortunately, this episode of Bones fell into the annoying camp. A brief recap: the heir to a chicken business is found murdered a month after he's missing. There's an amusing interlude where the squints think the victim is super chicken soldier, but that diversion doesn't last long. After the victim is identified, Bones and Booth visit the chicken factory where he worked.

And that's where the preaching begins. Did you know that chicken factories are evil? If you didn't, you should really watch this episode, because it will tell you in great detail how awful they are. I'm sure the preachy tone has nothing to do with the fact that Emily Deschanel, Bones and a producer, is a vegan.

I honestly don't mind a message, and I suspect that everything that was said about chicken factories is absolutely true. But I don't watch Bones for a "very special lesson" but for entertainment. Leave the morals for family sitcoms.

Part of the lesson we suffered from involved Angela's determination to save a pig from becoming bacon - all she needed was $1,500. Bones refused to give Angela the money since she found the concept to be irrational. Angela then questioned her friendship with Bones. Bones was devastated to find herself at odds with her best friend. Sweets recommended that Bones give in to Angela, but it was Booth who recommended that, illogical as it was, she should let Angela win this one. So, Bones did.

The exploration of the friendship between the women was quite interesting. This was the one bright spot in an otherwise dreary episode.

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