Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yet Another Blog for Me!

Okay, so, I probably need another blog like I need a hole in my head. Not that I've counted the holes in my head, but I'm sure I've too many.

Why another blog? Well, Lost will end someday, my friends. When that sad day comes, what will I do? I've enjoyed the writing of posts and the sharing of ideas that the past year has brought. One of my colleagues told me that she thought I was just another frustrated writer (she said it way nicer than that, by the way). And she was right. So, it makes sense that I should start another forum for television. Here I'll write about the shows I enjoy, and those I don't. I will make bold predictions and confess when I'm wrong. I'll rhapsodize about shows I once loved. In other words, it's all tv, whenever I feel like it.

So, what shows do I like to watch? Well, my biography mentions two sets of series that are iconic to me. First, the Star Trek series. This show started the year before my birth, and I cannot honestly remember a day when I didn't know what Star Trek was. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the movies, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and, to a lesser extent, Star Trek: Voyager. (I watched half an episode of Enterprise and hated it.)

My second biggest love is for the Buffyverse shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I laugh at myself because I initially refused to watch the first show because of its stupid name! Now, I'm wishing I had had a blog 12 years ago so I could have written about that.

And my first foray into the blogosphere started with Lost. I won't say more...

What I really like to watch are well written, character driven dramas. Most of the dramas I thoroughly enjoy have story arcs, where a story line carries over several episodes or more. See, well, Lost, The Dollhouse, or Fringe. However, I also enjoy some plain old well written procedurals, as well. Examples of the latter include The Closer (season finale on Monday, August 23!), Leverage, and House. I'll often start watching a show solely because an actor I love from another show is on it. Case in point: Bones. The premise disinterested me, and I thought the names of the characters were rather silly (Temperance Brennan? Seeley Booth? Please). But, David Boreanaz was in it, and I just wanted to see how he would be as a character other than Angel. And I was hooked.

I watch relatively few reality shows. I did watch American Idol one season, but only because of Ruben Studdard. What can I say? I'm from Birmingham too. However, I'm totally addicted to Project Runway, and actually enjoyed watching So You Think You Can Dance while my husband worked late.

I also watch few situation comedies, with the exception of 30 Rock. But even 30 Rock is troublesome for me, since my husband and I haven't watched those we've got on DVR, which pretty much is the whole last season.

Speaking of my husband, all I can say is thank goodness for the DVR - it is saving our marriage! My husband loves television too. As long as it is a sports event, a sports show, or talking heads (politics). He abhors most dramas (The Sopranos and Deadwood being the only exceptions), most comedies (save 30 Rock and Seinfeld), and all reality. Some of my shows he can handle watching in the same room with me, but most he cannot. For some reason, he detests Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice. He thinks Chuck is too silly. The only show we have in common is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Otherwise, we're total opposites, tv-wise.

Some things about this blog - I will never post spoilers about shows. However, if I read that an actor or actress if joining or guesting on a show, I will post it (I'll include a spoiler alert - if I think of it!). Please respect that this is a spoiler-free site. I will not be including re-caps of most shows. I know that is what I do with Lost on "Pretty Obsessed with Lost", but I'd never go to work if I tried to do that! I am not as interested in gossip as I am in the shows themselves. When the gossip affects the show, though, it's fair game.

Also, I love hearing what y'all have to say. Is there a show you think I should be watching? A show you think is lame that I am watching? Bring it on.


  1. I've only seen a couple of episodes, but Battlestar Gallactica is a show you've got to watch! It's sci-fi, it's political, there's a long arc and tremendous character development.

  2. I have heard that Battlestar Galactica is worth a watch. One of my college friends swears by it. I'll look out for it!