Monday, August 31, 2009

Returning Shows

What shows will I be looking forward to this Fall? Well, in no particular order:

Bones – as I noted before, I only watched Bones initially because it starred David Boreanaz of Buffy fame. But I found it to be an unusual show with charming characters, and have stuck with it since the beginning. Unlike many of its fans, I wasn’t bothered by the finale from last season. I thought it was cute and funny, a way to use the characters in a different way than we had seen before. Plus, I rarely demand that all finales be “big”. I’m just happy with a good episode. Besides, Bones is best when it doesn’t engage in serious arcs. I’ve found all of their attempts at arcs to be mildly disappointing, and rarely well thought out. I also was not bothered by the revolving door of lab assistants. I thought each one was well drawn out and each brought something to the cast. There were things that happened in the last season that I didn’t like, however, including the break up of Angela and Hodgins, which seemed forced and story-line driven, rather than character-based. I also thought that Cam’s reunion with her “stepdaughter” was a bit maudlin and predictable.

House –I believe this show is an acquired taste. You have to understand that the show is well-named – it is all about House. Even the “patient of the week” is designed to showcase a part of House’s complicated character. And I would never say he is lovable; House is far too prickly, selfish and mean-spirited to call lovable. Unlike most viewers, I didn’t mind the addition of the new doctors, with the mild exception of Thirteen, who I just found to be nearly unwatchable. However, Taub and Kutner were both great characters. The suicide of Kutner was unfortunately spoiled for me, but the episode was still extremely well done. Sometimes, there really is no sign that a person is suicidal. That we didn’t see Chase and Cameron didn’t disappoint me much. I also must say that I don’t care one way or another about Cuddy and the possibility of a romance between Cuddy and House. The show would be better off playing off the sexual tension between the two rather than in indulging in what would eventually be a disastrous affair for both. I would be very happy if the show brought back the detective, whose relationship with House was certainly unique. I am also a huge fan of Wilson and House. The show ended on a great note. House has not only lost his touch, he has also developed hallucinations. In other words , House’s Vicodin addiction finally bit him in the ass.

Fringe – I didn’t pay as much attention to this show as I should have when it started, despite the fact that it was from J.J. Abrams. However, as the season progressed, it became extremely fascinating, even without the obvious “reveal” of Leonard Nimoy in the final scene. I hope that Nimoy continues on the show. The biggest surprise was not that William Bell was in a different world than ours, but that Peter is not “our” Peter; that somehow Peter died and Walter (or someone else?) brought another Peter from another world to ours. Will another Walter try to find him? Unlike many, I actually liked Olivia, attributing her flatness of affect to grief over the death and possible betrayal by her boyfriend/partner. I like the way everything in the show, every seemingly unrelated case, was connected to the overarching mystery, or the Pattern. Walter Bishop is also one of my all-time favorite characters, and who isn’t happy to see Joshua Jackson in a role as intelligent as he appears to be?

Dollhouse – This is one show that I actually avoided watching when it first came on, even though it is from the same brilliant mind that produced Buffy and Angel. Once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. I have mixed feelings about the concept of a Dollhouse and the use of dolls by rich people for their every pleasure and need. It is also obvious that executives interfered with the show. I’ve heard that the unaired season finale that was shown at Comic Con was fabulous. Hopefully it will be part of the DVD. That this show was picked up for a second season is a miracle, and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

I am, of course, eagerly looking forward to the return of Chuck and Lost, but that is not until next year, literally. And did you notice that all the returning shows I’m most anticipating are on Fox?

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