Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Westerosi Transporter

Standard warning. If you have not watched episode 4 of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, move on. There be spoilers ahead.

The Spoils of War was a thrilling episode, and certainly ended on quite the cliff hanger. I don't think Jamie Lannister is dead, as otherwise, why would we bother with Olenna Tyrell's confession that she killed Joffrey? But I digress.

Who would have thought that Westeros would be set up with a transporter? I mean, there are dragons, white walkers and wargs. But these kind of fit the medieval fantasy setting of Game of Thrones. A transporter seems a little more science fictiony.

But I can find no other explanation for some of events that have occurred on the show. It started at the end of Season 6. Varys meets with Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand in Dorne at the beginning of the finale, only to be present with Daenerys and Missandei as they sail from Mereen, finally headed to Westeros.

How did he do that? Clearly, his transporter.

This season, Euron Greyjoy sure found his niece and nephew awfully fast on the high seas, but perhaps that's just good sailing. On the other hand, Jamie Lannister and his forces had to use the transporter to make it from King's Landing and Casterly Rock to Highgarden in next to no time. After all, at the beginning of The Queen's Justice, he was in King's Landing, having an incredibly uncomfortable conversation with Euron about Cersei's sexual proclivities, but he still managed make it to Highgarden to rout the Tyrell forces and poison Olenna Tyrell (and learn that she poisoned Joffrey). 

Euron just gives me the creeps.
Where in King's Landing is the transporter? And who dusted off the transporter at Dragonstone? I could have believed that Dany and Drogon caught up with the Lannister forces, but I don't see Drogon agreeing to carry the entire Dothraki army. Nor do I believe that they rode their horses that quickly. They must have used their transporter.

So, there's probably no transporter on Westeros. Maybe Highgarden, King's Landing, Casterly Rock and Dragonstone are all so close to each other that these events are not as unlikely as they seem. It's not like I would look at a map of Westeros to study the issue. I guess that the show runners have a plan, and it involves specific things happening at a specific time in a specific way. But considering it took six seasons for Daenerys to even head to Westeros, it seems like we're now moving at warp speed. Oh, wait. That's science fictiony again.

I did warn you that I would have a post on Game of Thrones. I believe that anyone who comments on television is contractually obligated to write at least one post on Game of Thrones. Today alone, I have seen the following articles:

The important details you missed from Arya and Brienne's intense fight. (Do you want a blow-by-blow description of their sparring? This is the article for you!)

Game of Thrones: The Tiny Detail that Makes the Arya/Brienne Duel Even More Impressive. (Maisie Williams is right-handed, but Arya Stark is left-handed. She's also a head and a half shorter than Gwendoline Christie).

Jaime's Death on "Game of Thrones" Would Be Even Sadder Thanks To This One Detail (not being able to tell Cersei that Olenna murdered their son).

There's a dark hidden meaning in Sansa Stark's newest "Game of Thrones" costume (belt tightly wound around her to protect her from Littlefinger's advances). 

Game of Thrones fan theory suggests Daenerys could be betrayed by a close ally (I'll save you the trouble - Missandei. I don't buy it). 

I don't know if all these articles were posted today, but they were all written and posted following an episode that aired two nights ago. They are not recaps. They don't discuss the hacking HBO is currently dealing with. No. Just article after article going over every single detail, every single theory, every single possibilihty from what turns out to be the shortest Game of Thrones episode. Quite the rabbit hole. And now I've proud to add this post about the transporter in Westeros.

Here is the obligatory picture of Jon Snow.

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